For All Your woodworking Applications

230mm (9”) LMC-223T (2-spindle) to LMC-1123T (10-spindle) or
305mm (12”) LMC-230T (2-spindle) to LMC-1130T (10-spindle)


  • All moulders with CE Certification if desired.
  • Faster feed speeds of up to 80 meters a minute (265 fpm) are standard - to 185 mpm (610fpm) - optional.
  • Programmable Controller provides convenient thickness and width of cut settings.
  • Adjustment of each spindle can be easily performed using the front of the machine adjustment ·Exclusive, separate adjustment of the vertical spindles and the support tables allows the tables to be positioned extremely close to the cutterheads for added cutting stability.
  • The full safety enclosure serves as a chip guard and helps to reduce noise and is equipped with Strobe Free Lighting.
  • Each spindle is driven by an individual motor for powerful moulding and easy control.
  • Multiple pneumatic pressure of the feed rolls can be easily set to provide an outstanding feeding effect.
  • Table surfaces, guides, chip Breaker shoes and Pressure plates are hard-chrome plated for maximum wear resistance.
  • All manually adjusted & turning parts are housed in dry grease lubricated bearings for oil-free lubrication.
  • Automatic lubricator is provided to supply oil to the feed tables.
  • One-piece, Extra Heavy machine frame is specially heat treated for maximum stability and rigidity by standard configuration.
  • The powered Top & Bottom Full Width outfeed rolls provide stable and smooth workpiece outfeed even for especially thin or smooth materials. The rolls remain perfectly parallel even after long-term use.
  • Mechanical digital Readouts for all head axis and pressure elements & Chip Breaker Shoes and Pressure Plates of the Top spindle(s).
  • Sectional Chip Breaker Assembly in front of top spindle(s).
  • Motorized vertical adjustment of the top spindle including PC Setworks & Digital Readouts.
  • Finest Alloy Steel Spindles and housings with 2 sets of Ultra Precision Duplex Bearings in each spindle. All are permanently grease lubricated.
  • All horizontal Spindles outfitted with Quick Loc Hydro-loc Outboard Bearings and Cutterhead supports.
  • Built in Straight & Profile jointers provide accurate operation with high quality finish.
  • The full Safety Enclosure is heavy gauge steel & serves as a chip guard and helps reduce noise.
  • It is equipped with Strobe Free Lighting.