Advanced Ideas for Rigorous Moulding Requirements

The Infeed Rolls work in conjunction with a limit switch to stop the machine if workpiece is too thick or there is a double up.

The smooth initial feeding of the stock is achieved by means of the independently powered Feed Rolls. There are more Powered Top Rolls & Powered Full Width Bottom Rolls then almost all competition.

Greasing to all critical parts is conveniently made by the centralized arrangement of color coded lubrication points along the front of the machine.

Adjustment of all spindles is easily effected from the front of the moulder. The adjustment points are all at the same height, for more convenient and faster adjustment.

Provides positive feed effect for short and narrow stock by 3 pneumatic controls.

Provides positive feed effect for all types of material & short and narrow stock.


For All Your woodworking Applications


  • Feed Speeds of up to 36 mpm(120fpm) are standard (higher-optional)
  • Std. Programmable REC Auto. Setworks Controllers provide quick & convenient Setup for Near Side Head(s) & Top Head(s) as well as other Axis
  • optional
  • Adjustment of each spindle can be easily performed using the front of the machine adjustment setup.
  • Separate adjustment of the vertical spindles and the support feed tables allow the feed tables to be positioned extremely close to the side cutterheads
  • to provide added cutting stability.
  • The full Heavy Gauge Steel Sound Insulated Safety Enclosure serves as a chip guard and helps to reduce noise and has strobe free lighting
  • Each spindle is driven by an individual motor for powerful milling and easy control.
  • Pneumatic pressure of the feed rollers can be easily set to provide an outstanding feeding effect – 3 sections – each with individual Adjustment – ie.
  • Infeed, Midfeed & Outfeed Top Rolls. Pressure Controls & Pressure Gauges mounted on outside of the enclosure post.
  • Table Surfaces, Guides, Chip Breakers & Pressure Plates are hard-chrome plated for maximum wear resistance.
  • All manually adjusted turning parts are housed in dry bearings for oil-free lubrication.
  • Automatic lubricator is provided to supply oil to the table sections for running parts.
  • Extra Heavy One-piece, Cast Iron or steel weldment Machine Frame is specially heat treated for maximum stability and rigidity by standard
  • configuration.
  • Digital readouts for the Chip Breaker Shoes of top spindle(s).
  • Split Sectional Chip Breaker Ass’y in front of top spindle(s).
  • The powered outfeed rolls provide stable and smooth workpiece outfeed even for especially thin or smooth materials. The rolls remain perfectly parallel
  • even after long-term use.





Thinking Ahead!
Staying Ahead!

LEADERMAC Hypermac Series
A significant Reduction of Machining Time with Greater Profitability

The LEADERMAC 4-side molder is a compact power package that integrates high speed and heavy cutting operations, high accuracy, plus minimum trouble to maximize its impressive cutting capabilities. To ensure outstanding cutting results, the 6,000 rpm high speed spindle is carefully manufactured and tested before assembling. High feed speed up to 80 M/min. is driven by a frequency inverted motor, providing variable speed change. Our objective is to enhance each 4- side molder from LEADERMAC in order to upgrade your throughput and create more profits.




Quality Features Add More Value to Your Production

Leadership Through Performance and Reliability

LEADERMAC's wide variety of 4 side moulders have all the very latest technology for increased productivity, product quality & reliability. These Heavy Duty Moulders are designed to provide fast cutting speeds and highest quality & accuracy. These machines are precision manufactured by our highly skilled technicians - plus Leadermac service, training, and moulding know-how is offered with each moulder. No matter what your moulding jobs call for, there is a Leadermac 4 side moulder that's right for you.



Speed Up Your Moulding Operations with the Latest Technological Breakthroughs from LEADERMAC.


All spindles are precision constructed and specially heat treated to provide maximum cutting stability and permanent accuracy. 4 Super Precision Bearings per Spindle provide the best most accurate spindles available. They are water and dust-proof. Standard spindle speed is 6,000 RPM and 7,200 or 8,000 RPM are optional.


Width and thickness setting can be easily set using the REC Programmable Controller. The cutterhead radiuses & desired width and thickness can be conveniently pre-set and are displayed on an LED. The speed is VFD Inverter controlled, and all electrical components meet CE, UL & CSA standards.


The mechanism provides added smoothness for short workpiece feeding. The auxiliary feed rollers are power driven for effortless feeding effect, and are liftable for convenient cutter change or setup.


Utilizing housing bearings, the reliable hydro-clamping system ensures consistent quality across the entire workpiece. The unit performs admirably even during high-speed continuous operation. The spindles can be adjusted axially even if the housing bearings are locked.




The entire Cast Iron – Chromed Infeed table is normalization heat treated for maximum stability. Infeed Table & Fence adjustment is quickly accomplished by means of a quick-setting levers.


The feed rollers are driven through a combination of Extra Heavy Universal Shafts and Gearboxes, ensuring no loss of power transmission. A smooth feeding effect is assured. The heavy duty gearboxes have no backlash and provides powerful and accurate feeding performance.

A Wide Range of Spindle Configurations (other configurations available on request)

Machines of 2 to 11 Heads are available with almost any configuration of heads as desired
A sampling of some Standard Head configurations

Hypermac 623

  • 6-spindle configuration.
  • 6,000 rpm spindle speed.
  • Fully sound safety enclosure with strobe free lighting.
  • Programmable control allows for convenient operation.
  • One-piece machine frame for improved stability and rigidity during high speed operation.
  • To 36m/min (125 fpm) feed speed. Variable feed speed is driven by a VFD-frequency inverted motor.

Hypermac 723

Designed for Highly Efficient Performance Year After Year!
LEADERMAC's Hypermac 723 is able to maximize machining capabilities of complex profiles of wood. The Hypermac series, with its advanced design, will help you to achieve higher productivity and profitability. The Hypermac 723 is designed with 7 spindles, making it ideal for producing complex profiles in a single feed. It has 36m/min.(125fpm) feed speed combined with 6,000 rpm high spindle speed, allowing for high speed cutting, and extra fine finish can be achieved. Furthermore, the Hypermac 723 is equipped with a user-friendly programmable control for increased convenience of operation while eliminating the need of trial runs.










LMC-223H to LMC-1123H: Standard Base Equipment Available Options
Number of Heads / Spindles, min-max 2 to 11 Any Head Configuration - available
Working Width (with a tool cutting circle of 125~232mm) 15~230mm (0.59"-9") to 310mm(12.2"), 330mm (13")
Working Thickness (with a tool cutting circle of 125~225mm) 10-150mm (0.39"-6") to 200 (8")
Basic Spindle Motor capacity 7.5 / 11KW (10 / 15HP) to 37.5KW / 50HP
Spindle Diameter 40mm 50mm, 1 13/16" / 2 1/8"
Spindle Speed 6000 RPM 7200 / 8000 RPM
Tool cutting circle, First Bottom Spindle, min-max 125~180mm (4.9"-7.1")  
Tool cutting circle, Vertical Spindles, min-max 125~232mm (4.9"-9.1") 250mm / 9.8"
Tool cutting circle, Horizontal Spindles, min-max 125~225mm (4.9"-8.8") 250mm / 9.8"
Feed Motor 5.5KW / 7.5HP / INVERTER 7.5 / 11 / 15KW (10 / 15 / 20HP) / INVERTER
Feed speed, infinitely variable by frequency (VFD) driven 6-36 m/min (20 / 120fpm) 48m/min (160fpm)
Top Infeed Rolls - Diameter 140mm (5.5")  
Top Feed Roll Width - Multiple Rolls Stacked on shafts 50mm (2") / Roll  
Bottom Feed Roll Width Full Width  
Pneumatic pressure for feed rollers, max 6 bar (85psi)  
Adjustment range for Infeed Table (Btm Head Cut) and Edge Jointing Fence 10mm (0.4")  
Adjustment range of vertical spindles (axial) 80mm (3.2") 100mm / 4"
Adjustment range of horizontal spindles (axial) 40mm (1.6")  
Length of the Infeed / Straightening table 2M (78") 0.8 / 1.4 / 2.5 / 3M (32" / 55" / 98" / 120")
Diameter of Dust Hoods for Vertical & Horizontal Spindles Ø150mm (5.9")  
Digital Readouts on All Axis of all Heads Std.  
Digital Readouts for the Pressure Shoes Std.  
Full Sound and Safety Enclosure w/ Strobe Free Lighting Std.  
Motorized vertical adjustment of Feed Beam Std.  
Lateral Pressure Multiple Roller opposite first right spindle Std.  
Chainless Cardan Shaft Feed System Std.  
REC Setworks on Near Side Head(s) & Top(s) - Radial

* All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics are subject to change without notice.



  • SmartSet Touch Screen Controls with 500 or 1,000 Pattern Memory and Download Capabilities from the grinding rooms with upload to the control including Ball Screws, Rotary Encoders & Multiple Digital Readouts on each axis
  • Tilting Top Beam, Tilting Feed, Tilting Feedworks, Tilting top Head Chipbreaker Ass'y, Tilting Pressure Plate(s)
  • Tilting Side Heads
  • Grooved Bed for running very short material
  • Split Pressure Shoes
  • Opposed Side Heads
  • Universal Spindle, tool cutting circle min 125mm, max 200mm
  • Rip Saw Section with up to 56kw (75HP)
  • Left (Opposite) Hand Feed
  • DC Electronic Cutterhead Brakes