PLC with Touch-sensing Screen

The Super Thundermac employs a high performance PLC control combined with a touch-sensing screen, allowing the operation to be controlled with ease. The separately mounted control allows for moving to any position for added convenience of operation.


15" Automatic Human-machine Interfacing Control

  1. Ball screw transmission positioning system.
  2. Independent Axis Display: Incl. current position, setting position, tool number and tool radius.
  3. Automatically calculates current position when changing tool.
  4. Display load condition of each cutter.
  5. The alarm system displays various conditions such as all motors, limit switches and hydraulic system.
  6. Built-in spare parts information.
  7. 500 sets of product information
  8. 500 sets of cutter information.
  9. 500 sets of production schedule information.
  10. Cutter database in PC computer can go online with PROSTAND tool measuring device. Also, allows to change cutter information at any time.
  11. Available to equip with Ethernet system for far-end monitoring or program modification in the world