A World-class 4-sided moulder manufacturer

Endless Efforts for a Better Future

As any parent would know, shaping young minds into happy and successful adults require constant nurturing, care, and love. Forty-nine years ago, Taiwan was like a child who is quite poor and underdeveloped. The country has blossomed into mighty financial strength that can stand tall and proud on the world’s stage. Leadermac has followed the same path. Through constant concern, the company can now be recognized as a world leader and mold the future internationally for better lives everywhere.

A World-class 4-sided moulder manufacturer

Forty-nine years ago, Leademac started designing and manufacturing 4-sided moulders. Our commitment was to offer the best possible machines to help customers stay competitive. Through several years of effort, Leadermac has grown steadily to become a world-class 4-sided moulder manufacturer with products sold over 60 countries worldwide. Over the years, there have been many changes in Leadermac's size, business, and reputation; however, our insistence on providing the best possible machines for our customers has never changed. Looking towards the future, we will strive hard to achieve our strategic target and meet new challenges.


The Company History

The company was established.

Successfully developed the 3-side moulder.

Successfully developed the 4-side moulder.

Started promoting overseas market.

Developed multi-spindle 4-side moulder to meet flexible machining requirements.

Factory moved to the new location at Ta Ming Road, Feng Yuan, to meet increasing business.

All series of 4-side moulders were CE certified.

President Mr. B.Y. Chang was elected as Chairman of T.W.M.A. Also Certified I.S.O. 9001 by TÜV.

Moved to new facotry in Datu Hsiang.

Received Distinguished Design Award and Distinguished Design Award at Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Competition.

Michael Chang, CEO of Leadermac Machinery Co., Ltd., has been named chairman of the T.W.M.A.

Received Outstanding Design Award and Distinguished Design Award at Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Competition; Michael Chang has been re-appointed to chairman of T.W.M.A.

Received 5th Taiwan Mittelstand Award

Quality Control

Innovation for Today and the Future

Our approach to technical research and development is entirely application-oriented. It focuses on a series of related questions: Will the moulder improve your production efficiency and productivity? Will it provide a better quality of cutting? Can we find a better way to upgrade machine performance?

To these ends, we dedicated ourselves to research and development. Our goal is to enhance the value of our current moulders and develop new levels of cutting performance.

The years of effort in R & D have enabled Leadermac machines to win a high reputation in the worldwide market. Our experienced design staff is still continuously seeking improvements to achieve the best possible performance. We are committed to offering the machines that keep you staying competitive while helping you generate profits.

25,000 m2 Meters Modern Manufacturing

The heart of Leadermac unique manufacturing capacity comers from our world-class manufacturing facilities

We invested a considerable effort in establishing a modern production system, which has resulted in significant increase in production capacity while lowering production costs. To further ensure assembly line efficiency, we train each technician periodically. Our highly skilled technicians, combined with their fine craftsmanship, are fully responsible for their working quality. The essential characteristic of our technicians on the manufacturing floor is their great attention to detail at each step of the manufacturing process. All these guarantees each 4-sided moulder from Leadermac will deliver the maximum dependability of operational performance that you've come to expect.

Fast parts Support

Leadermac's modern warehouse always keeps a complete stock of parts. No matter where customers locate around the world, we instantly deliver parts when customers demand. Our objective is to minimize machine downtime; therefore, when a machine leaves our factory, it is not the end of our relationship. We concern about the machine's operation condition at all times. Additionally, we understand that machine downtime will result in a profound loss in your production. That is why Leadermac always thoroughly conducts the company policy of prompt service. Service is not just a slogan: it is Leadermac.

Worldwide Network

We Serve Customers on a global scale with Leadermac authorized representatives around the world

Leadermac sales and application engineers provide comprehensive service. We are proud of our outstanding resource and technological capabilities because we build a strong relationship with our customers by providing the most comprehensive services.

Earning your business is a matter of securing your trust and loyalty. Our commitment to service begins with the customers' initial inquiry. Our highly trained sales, application engineers, and after-sales service engineers ensure service efficiency and professionalism.

Each service staff is always ready to analyze your needs and provide suggestions and solutions to satisfy your requests. Leadermac values long-term relationships with customers, which is why our company can repeatedly strive and grow. Our continuous growth depends on strengthening these relationships with the customers.